Gwendolyn is an American singer/songwriter based in Southern CA

Her impactful and highly passionate songwriting blankets the Alternative and Indie singer-songwriter genres with a beguiling soundscape of haunting nostalgia and raw honesty. Her songs have contributed to the catalogues of Figure & Groove, Crucial, and the UN, and won an LA Music Award for Best Song In A Feature Film. Her soft, soaring, breathy vocals have drawn comparisons to Joy Williams (Civil Wars), and Amy Lee (Evanescence).

As an emerging artist, Gwendolyn is off to a strong start as her 2 most recent singles were featured on the popular Spotify playlists: "Grey's Anatomy," "50 Shades of Grey," "Thor Ragnorok," "Dinner Party," and "Guitar Hero 3." She has gradually assembled a loyal band for live performances of her music that performs across Southern California. Besides writing, selling, and performing her music, Gwendolyn is a session vocalist and writer for other artists, bands, and Production Music Houses.


Originally shy of performing her own music, Gwendolyn began her music journey behind the scenes writing for film scores, soundtracks and even a song for the United Nations. Then one New Years Eve she decided to take a friend's dare to conquer a fear and performed one of her songs at an open mic. The experience was terrifying, but Gwendolyn kept performing her songs secretly at open mics around Los Angeles. Within a few months she was discovered by a prominent LA booking agent and began opening for well known bands at places like the House of Blues, Troubadour and Hotel Cafe, eventually forming her band who perform regularly across LA.


MobAngeles Magazine writes of her recent single "Absinthe," "This far-reaching soundscape, a stealth song that interweaves its listener into a web of rock, electro-pop, and prose has the enigmatic songstress helming this outer-world listening experience. Gwendolyn’s classical-like vocals command high praise, just as the textured music bed has semblances of the Northern Lights ribboning through its base." -


Style: Singer-Songriter, Indie and cinematic pop
Comparisons and Influences: Joy Williams, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Kate Bush, Diana Krall, Janis Joplin, Aimee Mann, Ruelle, Zella Day, Fleurie, SVRCINA, Christina Perri, Lana Del Rey, Unsecret, Tori Amos, Allison Krauss.